Whenever I eat your food, I feel it is hugging me from inside.~Catherine

The presentation of the dishes were beautiful and the taste was even better!  Very refreshing and light!  The cake was divine, so good and moist. ~ Edith

Gloria’s food is as delicious as it is beautiful.  Different textures and flavors combinations leave you delighted and satisfied. ~ Linda Perkins

Gloria always blends the most interesting ingredients.  Her dishes are unique and always health conscious and her desserts are truly outstanding.  I always go back for 3rds~Jennifer Freedman

Gloria’s Tabouli is absolutely amazing flavor! Very fresh and really enjoyed the zing of the lemon.  A very unique take Tabouli.~Robin C.

Fresh Summer Salad so enjoyable!  I could eat this all day! No heavy dressing to destroy the freshness of the veggies.~Robin C.

Happy cake, this cake knocked my socks off!  I can’t believe it’s flour free.  So fluffy and light.  You could serve this cake to anyone even those of us who don’t always practice a healthy eating lifestyle!~Unknown~Robin C.

Gloria you are so talented I have tried varieties of your baking pastries and cakes they are just perfect. It’s not too sweet, it doesn’t make me feel heavy, it holds me for hours. Above all it makes me happy and energetic and I know everything you are using in it is a good thing for me. Writing this makes my mouth watering. I have to have another bite of my cake, thank you, ~ RenĂ©e

Your cakes are so delicious that I can’t stop eating it and yet it’s good for you, nutritious, well balanced, full of protein, fiber, even one piece of your cake keeps me full for at least 4 or 5 hours~ Flora

“Your salad hit every single note on my palette and I loved it”~William Sonoma customers comment.

Love your new website. Excited that you will be doing my holiday baking. The cookies and cakes look so good. I will email you soon with my order.~Jason

Love your food. Love your salads, and the dressing very healthy. Love to see more recipes ~Flora

Growing up in Oregon, we always had fresh vegetables and salads. The tabouli salad reminded me of the good old days of my childhood. ~ Rian