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Connect with the author of the cook book “U and Your Food”, Gloria Eshrati

Hello! my name is Gloria, cookbook author of  u & your food.

9781478719601_p0_v1_s192x300Vegetarian and Vegan food:

My cook book has recently published, it is basically a savory vegetarian and vegan food.

My friends of all walks of life were pushing me for years to write my cook book. They believed it can help others. Not only to eat better but to enjoy a world of flavor. I am glad I did it because I am hearing it all over the places that how the flavors in dishes are making them satisfied. They even became encouraged to cook for the first time too.

I really did it to empower others to become free from what media and corporations brain washing people how to think about food and what to choose blindly! I want all of you know where your food is coming from and what is in it. Above all be able to be in sink with nature and eat seasonally.

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Zucchini Comfort dish


Season changes and we all feel the changes in ourselves too. Depending where you live this changes can create different forms of allergy or sickness in fall. Especially if we are not prepared for it.

Many people are fearful from getting sick rightfully so it is interrupting their routine life! I work with public and exposed to all kinds of germs too. Many of my co-workers get sick and pass it to one another! I remember as a kid my mother would cook a lot of turnips for us.

She was pretty smart women and hardly used any medicine for us. Always would try to prevent or cure our common sicknesses with food. She learned that fresh turnips has natural penicillin and it is the nature antibiotic which works like a magic. Whenever I feel a little under the weather I make turnip soup and add lots of turnips in it not only it is delicious but also healing. It works every time like a water over a fire. Please go to my recipes and enjoy it.

I have helped so many people who were on antibiotics for months and yet were not getting any better and simply by sharing this tip they got rid of their cold , cough another symptoms related to cold.

21 (3)Turnips has lots of other benefits too it cleans your system by taking care of your constipation. It also helps with mucus problem. If you esteem the turnips after it’s done and eat it then it sooth the soar throat. If you have sinus problem at bed time simply cover your head and face with a sheet or scarf and inhale the evaporating liquid from it. Be extra careful that you don’t burn your face with the hot esteem. always test and see if the level of heat is comfortable for you then proceed.

For those of you who live in the cold climate if you get cold burn on your fingers or toes, you can use the left over water that you boiled or esteemed your turnips and have your fingers or toes soaked into the liquid for 10 minutes. While waiting simply massage your fingers and toes too. After the bathing you realize the itching of the fingers and swelling is gone!

These tips are my personal experiences and testimonials of many people who I shared them with.

I am not claiming any miracle or giving medical advice! I simply thought it is worth sharing with you. Please let me know if you like more tips of such. Thank you for following my blog/get connected page!